Configure your applications

Configure your applications by adding new domains and subdomains in six easy-to-follow step with SecureAccess® CLOUD

Add a new domain

On the left side menu, click on Sites >> Domains.

Once inside click in:

And you will see a form to enter a new domain name.

Add a new subdomain

In the section Sites >> Domains you can add a new subdomain to a previously registered domain. Press the next button:

And once pressed press the next button:

The process will consist in 6 simple steps to configure all the necessary information to protect your web application with SecureAccess® CLOUD:

  • In the first step we will be asked to point the DNS of the resource to our secure server

  • In the second step you must enter general data about your subdomain, like description, name and communication protocol (HTTP/HTTPS).

  • In the third step you need to add the IP address of your server. You can add more than one and SecureAccess® CLOUD will act as a load balancer. 

  • Fourth step will allow you to create a list of whitelisted IP address, request coming from this address will skip authentication process for this subdomain. This will disable the access control mechanism, so use it carefully. 

  • In the fifth step allow you to upload your own SSL certificate for the HTTPS communication. In case you don´t have one, SecureAccess® CLOUD can generate one for you. To use this option, you must first point your subdomain DNS to our reverse proxy ( In a few seconds your new certificate will be generated and ready to use.  Select the option that fits you better and click on Next. 

  • Last step gives you the opportunity of enabling SecureAccess® WAF (Web Application Firewall), which will analyze all the requests going through the platform blocking the ones containing malicious content. This will help in the prevention of SQL injection or XSS attacks. As an administrator you will receive notifications and alerts when a request is deemed suspicious and therefore blocked. 

Once all steps are done, you can press:

And your subdomain will be registered and enabled.

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